About Alphaville

Alphaville is a German synth-pop band that was formed in 1982. The band was founded by Marian Gold (vocals, guitar, and keyboard), Bernhard Lloyd (keyboard), and Frank Mertens (keyboard). Alphaville's music has been described as a blend of new wave, synth-pop, and electronic music.

Since its formation, Alphaville has released six studio albums, including the critically acclaimed "Forever Young" in 1984. The album features the hit single of the same name, which has since become a classic of 80s music. Alphaville has also released numerous singles, including "Big in Japan," "Sounds Like a Melody," and "Dance With Me."

Throughout its career, Alphaville has toured extensively, performing in countries all around the world. The band has played at major music festivals, including the Montreux Jazz Festival, Rock am Ring, and the Reading Festival.

Alphaville's music has been praised for its catchy melodies, thoughtful lyrics, and innovative use of synthesizers. The band's unique sound has influenced numerous artists, and its music continues to inspire new generations of musicians.

Alphaville remains active and continues to produce new music. The band's most recent album, "Strange Attractor," was released in 2017.

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